Raluca Ghideanu is a young and active Romanian artist. She mostly develops in the area of sculpture where she has over 20 national and international  group exhibitions, three international art biennial, five solo shows, five public art sculptures and an international sculpture award. She also works in the area of scenography, Tv sets design and costumes and from 2010 she has a brand in interior and object design. In present she coordinates a performance art workshop at the University of Fine arts Bucharest.

Her sculpture characters speak about life, about rediscovery and redefinition, about the prisons in which we find ourselves. They are continuously searching for themselves and for their significant others. Usually their bodies, elongated and flattened, reveal the material texture or are uniformly colored. The colors, predominantly red and black, are now turned into vivid, luminous colors. In female characters the dress appears as a symbol of personal and social exposure. It starts to acquire color and texture, thus being the witness and concurrently the exponent of the inner feelings.

Raluca creates her own universe, a rare thing among young artists. She is now in full evolution and I feel she’s constantly researching the inside meaning of her actions. Raluca’s own universe in very unique, with well-defined intellectual influences, set to its own patterns. Raluca’s inner voice is powerful and unique and I wish her well on her journey. Radu Boroianu, President of Romanian Cultural Institute

“The finishing and Raluca’s intervention take the power of expression and attractiveness to the next level so to say. I remarked her unique dexterity to connect the onlooker with the motion performance of her characters and forms. These skills made her performance shine in any exhibitions, spaces as art galleries or public spaces.” Corneliu Antim, Art critic