Artist Statement



My characters speak about life, about rediscovery and redefinition, about the prisons in which we find ourselves. They are continuously searching for themselves and for their halves. Usually their bodies, elongated and flattened, reveal the material texture or are uniformly coloured. The colours, predominantly red and black, are now turned into vivid, luminous colours. In female characters the dress appears as a symbol of personal and social exposure. It starts to acquire colour and texture, thus being the witness and concurrently the exponent of the inner feelings.

“Prison of life” is one of my work themes, which I have approached since 2010. The personal exhibition that took place at the ”Palatele Brâncovenesti” Cultural Centre, reunites a large number of works designed for the public space. They are large sized characters, fretted from wood and metal, symbolically painted in black stripes, which reveal themselves to the beholder, in the attempt to realize the prisons they find themselves in.

In the couples’ series, characters search one another, are deformed, define each other’s shape, but never meet.

Female characters search their power in the essence of the earth, as if they are delving in depths in order to clean themselves of these stripes that are a symbol of the hardest prison, the prison of our own being.

“Sale for the rest of me” was the personal exhibition which reunited all works done until 2012. As a result of this event, I started a new series of works with the theme “The rest of me”. The works in this series are of small size and are female characters who speak about redefinition through shape, colour and texture.

“The garden” is a contemporary story of the Garden of Eden, it is an on-going project which reunites large sized sculpture works, paintings and decorative objects in order to create an ambience in the common areas of the One Floreasca Lake residential neighbourhood. From this project, a new work theme takes shape, one which goes to search the biblical characters of Adam and Eve and the myth of the androgynous.

~   Raluca Ghideanu   ~