Art Critics

I know Raluca Ghideanu many years now and I followed her work closely as critic. Raluca is representative for her generation and the new wave of artists in Romania. Her MA in 2005 focused on sculpture and she graduated from University of Bucharest. Both the dissertation and argumentation for the exhibition comprised through the profound creativity and forms, structure and ambient of her sculptures forged by her imagination. These came in support of the ideas and content.

The original perspective makes her a promoter as well as a person with unlimited imagination input in her touch of the plan mixing realism, archetypes and fantasy in the same plan. In the opposite corner lays the simplicity reduced to the extremes. A simplicity inspired by all surrounding life.

The handiness in creation of her art imagined in clear expression – of sculptures mostly – is materialized uniquely and lively in any sort of materials. Usually wood and raw metals. Her works underline a sharp ingenuity mixed with technical skills when working with priceless material.

The finishing and Raluca’s intervention take the power of expression and attractiveness to the next level so to say. I remarked her unique dexterity to connect the onlooker with the motion performance of her characters and forms. These skills made her performance shine in any exhibitions, spaces as art galleries or public spaces.

I identify her imagination with other artistic performance such as theater, dance, shows always catching the public eye with right balance of modernism driving to detachment originally balanced in avant-garde spirit.

Closely monitoring Raluca’s evolution in public space, with high appraisals from the public, critics and fellow artists she is an emblematic representative of her generation.”

~ Corneliu Antim ~