Disclaimer: The work in Piata Revolutiei is not mine!

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Bucuresti, 21.10.2016

I would like to separate myself from the situation that has been arising recently. Let me explain: today several TV stations called me and ask me to comment on one work that was allegedly mine and on display in Bucharest, Piata Revolutiei Square.

Needles to say that work it isn’t mine and I refuse any association with it. Apparently somebody went to the effort of removing the description plate of one of my real works and attached it to the subject in question.

For the reference I am displaying here my original work ‘Prison of life’ that you may find on display in Muzeul Taranului Roman (Romanian Pearson Museum) in Bucharest. By this I am trying to discourage any misbehavior as it happened. Police has been alerted.

Thank you for reading.

(RO) Comunicat de presa privind lucarea cu autor necunoscut din Piata Revolutiei

Astazi am fost contactata de catre mai multe televiziuni privind lucrarea mea din Piata Revolutiei. Vreau sa clarific aceasta situatie: nu este vorba despre o lucrare a mea, ci este vorba despre o lucrare cu autor necunoscut la care a fost adaugata o placuta de la o lucrare a mea anterioara.

Ma dezic complet si total de lucrarea care se afla in prezent in Piata Revolutiei si de orice mesaj artistic sau de alta natura ar putea sa trasmita aceasta.

M-am indreptat catre Politie si alte organe competente ca sa rezolve de urgenta aceasta problema.

In continuare va prezint fotografiile de la fata locului, precum si cea cu lucrarea mea originala.