“Introspection Journal”, European Art Gallery, Bucharest, 2014

“Prison of life”, Solo exhibition, Brancovan Palaces Cultural Center, Romania, 2010

“Sale for the rest of me”, Solo exhibition, Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, 2010

“El camino sacral”, Fiat-Iveco showroom, Iasi, Romania, 2010

“Uman”, Solo exhibition, Arta Gallery, Bacau, Romania,  2005



“Vilma”, Ardud Medieval Castle RO, 2014


25. June 2014. After a very long trip I arrived in Ardud. Although the trip was very long, I arrived here in very good spirits. Next morning I will go see the castle.

26. June. I am immediately caught by the legend of Vilma, the daughter of Rakoczi whose soul is still held  captive in the castle due to her father’s curse. I made a sketch for a sculpture that would represent a female character trapped inside a wall. She is trying to find a way out but she is only turning around her self.

29. June. I finally get the wood for the sculpture. I am very excited. Tomorrow I will start my work.

30. June. It was a very long and exhausting day. The wood is very hard to work with.  I get some help from a local person which is good….

31. June. I finally see the shape of my work.  Suddenly, this strange idea comes to my mind. …maybe I could help Vilma loose her curse…I want to help her complete the wedding  dress. I have a good feeling about this…

01. August. While working on the sculpture, the story starts to take shape;

“I will try to help Vilma complete her wedding dress. I will fix a few pieces of lace on her dress so the story gets started. I will also ask the young females from the village to bring small pieces of lace so they can help too. I will leave this task open to every visitor who wants to help and be a part of the story so they can tie a piece of lace to the metal wire that I will prepare on the dress. This is a new legend we are creating; the legend of the people who saved Vilma’s soul from the castle so she could be free to fall in love again.”

“Adam & Eva”, Baia Mare, Romania, 2014

“Red Spirit”, Mallnitz, Austria, 2014

“Life Re-Construction” project, London UK, 2012

This project has its roots in 2012 when I was visiting London. My theme work in that period was “Prison of life” and I was trying to identify the source for this “prisons”.

I knew about “the prison of the society”, “the family rules prisons”, “the religious doctrine prison” but I knew I could find out more. So I created this adjustable paper character that become my visiting companion around London.

In many cases when you want to fix something you first need to break it into peaces. So I broke my character in several peaces and I could be able to reconstruct him in any new context. The character is changing shape regarding the context, being modeled and also contained by it. It was like parts of me were trying to find and redefine it selves in this obsessive search of personal essence beyond any prison.

It was an incredible experience. Every time I found an interesting place for my character I took him out and make an installation out of him and then photograph it.

In this process I identified fear as being the main ingredient of the most frightening prison, “The prison of our own minds”. The fear of being seen, of being exposed, of being judged, of being wrong, and similar.



“D. Fleiss & East West Artist Residency”, Ardud Medieval City, Romania, 2014

“Breaking Patterns”, Baia Mare, Romania, 2014

“Discovery”, Roujan, France, 2014

“D. Fleiss & East West Artist Residency”, Mallnitz, Austria, 2014

“Colonia 21”, Tescani, Romania, 2014

“Colonia 21”, Tescani, Romania, 2013